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October 23, 2014
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October 11, 2014

FOP Lodge #93 Union Contract Update

All Members,

The Fraternal Order of Police Labor committee met with the Sheriffs negotiation team on October 9, 2014. The meeting was scheduled for 0900-1700hrs. The meeting was cut short, because the Sheriffs team was unable to meet the entire day.

The critical issues yet to be resolved are Wages, Discipline and Bargaining Rights. The following is a synopsis of these issues.

WAGES The Sheriff has proposed 4.5% each year for the next two years for those who are not topped out. Members will advance one step each year and will receive a 1.5% increase to each step. For those members topped out the Sheriff will adjust their base pay by 1.5% and give those members a 1.5% lump sum payment in lieu of advancing a step in the pay plan. The Sheriff has proposed a reopener on wages in the third year of the contract.

The 4.5% is contingent upon the Sheriff and the Union requesting that Board of County Commission approve the additional funding. This proposal is also contingent on both parties agreeing that all other articles are settled and not subject to bargaining if the Board Of County Commission declines the wage proposal.

The Union has proposed a 6% increase for each year of the contract. We are currently ranked 9th on pay in the Central Fl. Area. Deputies are clearly underpaid and we believe the Sheriff has the ability to pay this proposal based on current revenue.

DISCPLINE The Sheriff has proposed status quo on the current discipline process. The Union has asked for a 5 member Discipline Appeals Board (DAB) and that their decision be binding on the Sheriff. The current process is a 3 member Discipline Appeal Board and their decision is only a recommendation to the Sheriff and is not binding.  As you know, in todays political climate it is important to ensure that disciplinary decisions are insulated from unfair factors, which we think will be to the benefit both the Sheriff and his deputies.

BARGAINING RIGHTS As the contract is currently written, the Sheriff has unilateral authority to change many terms and conditions of employment that are normally addressed at the bargaining table.  The Sheriff has understandably proposed to continue the existing language, which permits changes to important working conditions with bargaining. The Union has revised this proposal several times. Our last proposal was the right to be noticed and bargain only over changes to those General Orders specifically incorporated in the Contract. Current language allows the Sheriff to unilaterally change any General Order including those included in the contract without bargaining with the Union.

The right to bargain over changes to GOs is a fundamental (state constitutional) right that was waived by the PBA in previous contracts. It is critical that the Union retain the ability to bargain over proposed changes to the terms and conditions of employment. Without this right, the contract has limited value.

The Sheriffs team has given the Union limited dates to meet and bargain. This is frustrating for the Union as we have been available to meet on multiple days each month since we started this process. We have asked the Sheriffs team for an additional date to meet this month in an attempt to move forward in reaching an agreement.

The General Meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #93 will be held on Tuesday October 14, 2014 at FOP Lodge 25. Dinner will be served from 5:30-6:30pm and the General Meeting will begin at 6:30pm. The Labor Committee will be present to answer any questions concerning current contract negotiations.

As always, we encourage your comments and questions concerning this process. Please direct all questions or comments to Jay Smith, Staff Representative Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #93 at or 407-913-7281

In Solidarity,
FOP Lodge #93
Labor Committee

Orange County Sheriff's Office - Memorial Page

Jonathan Scott Pine - End of Watch February 11, 2014

Michael Erickson - End of Watch March 16, 2011

Sebastian Diana - End of Watch March 12, 2011

BRANDON L. COATES - End of Watch December 8, 2010

CRAIG A. HEBER - End of Watch July 21, 2010

MARK LINDSEY PARKER - End of Watch March 19, 2009

MICHAEL ANTHONY CALLIN - End of Watch August 2, 2006

MARIANO LEMUS JR. - End of Watch May 6, 2005

JAMES MARCUS WEAVER - End of Watch November 24, 2003

JOHN HAROLD HOLLOMON - End of Watch December 15, 1998

GRADY TERRILL BRADDOCK - End of Watch May 27, 1998

JOHN JOSEPH CREEGAN - End of Watch May 29, 1996

HARRY JORDAN DALTON JR. - End of Watch March 25, 1991

THOMAS ALLEN INGRAM - End of Watch May 12, 1990

FRANK NELSON SETON - End of Watch January 4, 1989

ARNOLD WILLIAM WILKERSON - End of Watch January 10, 1984

SAMUEL PARKER JR. - End of Watch January 23, 1974

BOBBY L. CORLEY SR. - End of Watch August 8, 1965

Sheriff David W.L. Mizell - End of Watch February 21, 1870

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